Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gigabyte GTX 570 Rev. 2.0

Gigabyte is ready to launch Revision 2.0 Video Card GV-N570UD-13I, VGA model based on nVidia's GeForce GTX 570, but the Taiwanese manufacturer with custom PCB and non-reference cooling system. The printed circuit board has a blue color and is made with Ultra Durable VGA special processing involves the insertion of double the amount of the copper (2 oz Copper PCB) and the use of high-quality electronic components.

The cooling system is the WindForce 3X, composed of 3 80mm fans mounted radiators with 3 heatpipes and vapor-chamber. Compared to the GV-N570UD-13I rev.1.0, available from a few days into the retail channel, the Rev.2.0 uses only two PCIe power connectors 6-pin instead of 8 + 6-pin configuration and offers more video output DisplayPort alongside HDMI and DVI ports to the classic.

The clock frequencies continue to be those referece, equal to 732MHz for the GPU GF110, 1464MHz to 3800MHz and 480 CUDA Cores for VRAM 1280MB GDDR5 320-bit bus.

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