Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-ZS15: Throwing a touchscreen

The latest addition to the Exilim digital cameras has a of 14.1 and a 26-millimeter wide-angle lens with five times optical zoom. It captures video in HD quality (1280x720) and is loaded via USB port. Dimensions: 9,5 x5, 6x2 inches. Weight (with battery): 154 grams, the EX has a three-ZS15 (7.6 centimeters) wide LCD touch screen, which the user controls the camera.

The intuitive user interface enables as Casio, simply scrolling through the menu and the selection of suitable photo mode. In addition, the camera is equipped with preset modes for different scenes and has an automatic face recognition. The new "Touch Shutter" operating mode from Casio will make photography easier, especially for inexperienced users: by a single tap on, the camera focuses the subject and throws it.

But focusing too "old fashioned" and pull the trigger can be made by release button: For this the user to "touch shutter" mode, simply disable it.

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