Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No USB 3.0 for the upcoming Atom

The Atom Cedar Trail, due in September, will not be USB 3.0. It was a new more or less known, but it is now certain: the next will always use the Atom chipset (southbridge, actually) NM10 Express, aka Tiger Point. And this chipset only supports the USB 2.0 and SATA 3 Gbit / s. In addition, its PCI-Express (four in number) are limited to version 1.1 and then to 250 MB / s, which limits the external USB 3.0 controllers usually can use only one line.

Otherwise, remember that the Cedar Trail is essentially a die shrink to 32 nm of the current Atom processor at the same time that the graphics will change: moving from a GMA 3150 based on the work of Intel a GMA based on PowerVR core. It would be a SGX545 400 MHz (in mobile) and 640 MHz (desktop) and supports DirectX 10.1.

Power level, the fill rate is expected to reach 2 gigapixels / s with 40 million triangles / s, roughly the same power as the SGX543MP2 the iPad 2. Good idea, a decompression engine for video equipment will be in the game.

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