Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U Wii: The console pad by Nintendo

Nintendo introduced the Wii console will replace. U named Wii, it uses a tablet as a joystick. The carrier has a 6.2 inch touch screen, a photo sensor, a microphone and speakers. It also incorporates the gyroscopes needed to recreate the movements of the user. The Wii will offer 1080p image U and will be available between April 1 and December 31, 2012.

The screen of the tablet can clone the TV or as a secondary monitor to improve the gameplay. There is therefore no need for TV to play. It will be possible to control it with his finger or stylus. The photo sensor of the tablet can be used to videoconferencing. The manufacturer also ensures that the accessories for the Wii will be compatible with the Wii U, which will please those who have made significant investments.

The new console is also backwards compatible with Wii games. It will be possible to download Wii games from the U site Nintendo or buy a physical medium. Kotaku has collected about Katsuya Eguchi a director responsible for the design of the console. He confirmed it would use 25 GB disks based on a proprietary format named iDensity.

Rumors speak of a Blu-ray layer. The official capacity leans in that direction. It is likely that this is the case, but that Nintendo refuses to admit it because he refuses to provide the necessary software to play movies on blue disks. Wii and GameCube use DVDs, but none of them reads the films on this substrate.

The new features mean that the Wii HD will have a U output HD component in addition to the connectors S-Video and composite use. Nintendo would not confirm the presence of 8 GB of internal memory, but the company said it will be possible to use USB drives or SD memory cards to increase storage capacity.

The Japanese also admitted that the processor came from IBM. This is a multicore Power Architecture etched in 45 nm DRAM and integrates directly on the die. The chip will be manufactured in factories in New York's Big Blue. An official with the founder, whose remarks were reported by Engadget, advised her on technologies developed for Watson, the supercomputer that beat the best players in Jeopardy.

The operating frequencies are still unknown. The graphics chip will be manufactured by AMD. This is a Radeon HD compatible DirectX 11. We do not know for now. The couple AMD / IBM is not a surprise. ATI, now AMD and Big Blue have supplied the chips for Nintendo consoles since 2001. The manufacturer has always been keen to exit consoles backwards compatible.

It is therefore normal that it continues to buy from the same manufacturers. Nintendo Wii puts U in the continuity of the Wii. In addition to names identical to one letter, the new console at a similar chassis and confirm that the first returns are very similar gameplay. Using a tablet as a controller does provide an interesting new dimension.

Nintendo has not officially given catalog launch, but announced a new version of Smash Bros. is the game. In short, there are the classics. Videos also showed Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Ghost Recon Online, Assassin's Creed, DiRT Darksiders II. There were also pictures of Alien: Colonial Marines, but SEGA and Gearbox have announced in a statement the output is uncertain.

So there is still a desire to attract a wider audience than usual. The president of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello moreover joined Nintendo in its conference and confirmed that EA Sports titles would benefit from the new controller. This is the first time that EA appears on stage at Nintendo's E3.

There were demos. One of them asked to lift the shelf into a shield against arrows shot from a TV. Another software required to put the tablet on the ground simulating a golf course. The user then munissait a club and hit the virtual ball supposed to be above the shelf. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess also allowed to get an opinion on the HD capabilities of the console.

They were not, however future titles for the Wii U. The Japanese had promised to present its new generation console at E3 (see "The Wii 2 would be formalized in June) and had already confirmed a release for next year (see" Nintendo confirms Wii 2 in 2012 ). Nintendo has not yet discussed price, but he must be aggressive enough to compete with other consoles come out.

The next Xbox is expected for 2015. The PS4 should also be born around that date. The market for home consoles is increasingly competitive. A study of NOC said that Nintendo has sold 35.5 million Wii so far, against 27 million Xbox 360 for Microsoft and 16.7 million PS3s for Sony. So Nintendo is trying to broaden its consumer base to consolidate its lead.

For that, inspired by the world shelves. This is an idea that in all cases appealed to the press covering E3.

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