Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Liquid Cooling Kit all-in-one GTX 590 from CoolIT

Among the few alternative cooling systems available for your video card nVidia GeForce GTX 590 of the Canadian CoolIT Systems liquid cooling system just insert a compact and easy to fit in the family ALC Omni. This is the kit OMNI-120-N590, a solution that integrates all the components required to operate independently from the rest of the system, based on a closed circuit composed of the full piece radiator - receiver - pump connected to the dual-GPU waterblock LP full-cover by hoses (radiator is mounted on a 120mm fan with variable speed).

The kit installs easily into the case and according to the Canadian firm guarantees on both GPU GF110 temperatures below 30 ° C cooler than the stock. The following press release: CoolIT Systems the leader in advanced liquid cooling technology, Announced today the launch of the OMNI ™ N590 ALC cooler for NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GTX 590-based graphics cards.

The release of this trend setting solution will enable system integrators to solve thermal and acoustic Challenges in top-of-the-line PCs, Allowing Them to deliver a more robust NVIDIA Quad SLI ™ Their solution to customers. The CoolIT THE OMNI C., winner of the 2010 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Award, is the world's first universally designed self-contained liquid cooling system for graphics cards.

"We have no doubt That Our OMNI N590 will be an Extremely successful product for us and Our system builder partners," says Barry Fairhurst, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Services. "Leveraging off our success with OMNI N480 and N580, OMNI N590 will continue to ENSURE Our leadership position in liquid cooling for enthusiast graphics cards." Further backed by CoolIT's expertise in custom development, the OMNI can be tailored to meet system integrator requirements I know That OMNI Their unique solution is as polished as the PC's powerhouse They deliver to customers.

These Built to exacting specifications and paired with NVIDIA's fastest graphics card ever, the GeForce GTX 590, OMNI N590 can deliver up to 30 ° C lower GPU operating temperatures * while Minimizing acoustics. "We are excited about the OMNI N590 as it makes the world's fastest graphics card, even better," Said Drew Henry, general manager of the business unit at NVIDIA GeForce.

"PC enthusiasts now Have the best components available to build out the fastest, quietest, and coolest gaming rigs ever imagined." The CoolIT OMNI Immediately N590 is available from select premier system integrators Including Maingate, Falcon Northwest and Puget Systems as part of a complete system.

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