Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AMD officially brand the FX CPUs Zamezi but refers to September

The E3 in Los Angeles saw the involvement of several software companies that have shown the latest in video games. But novelty is seen also by hardware manufacturers like AMD has announced the return of the mark "FX" processors for future top of the range. For more information about this is no longer a secret, but now it's official that the Zambezi CPU Socket AM3 + with Bulldozer core will be marked with this name.

The arrival of the new CPU has not yet been announced. Internal sources at AMD talked about the end of June, but now the company has postponed the third quarter of 2011 (probably in August or maybe September). Meanwhile, the first motherboards with AMD 990FX chipset for the new generation have already been announced by many and can be purchased and used with already existing Socket AM3 Phenom CPUs.

Motherboard Chipset Series 9, series CPU FX graphics card series Radeon HD 6000 will make up the new platform "Scorpius" intended for users enthusiast who want to get the most fun. "AMD's FX brand will enable an over- the-top experience for PC enthusiasts, "said Leslie Sobon, vice president of worldwide product marketing, AMD.

"By combining an unlocked, native eight-core processor, the latest in chipset technology, and AMD's latest graphics cards, FX customers will enjoy an unrivaled feature set and amazing control over Their PC's performance."

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