Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Game exhibition in Los Angeles: Wii next-generation

The eyes of the gaming world aimed at the 7th June 2011, the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. During its E3 press conference presented there for the first time Nintendo's Wii successor to the public. That was clear in advance. And because such a weighty, not all days - or even years - happened, the excitement and tension was enormous before the unveiling.

Especially in the run-hardly a Informationsfitzelchen transpired. But enough talk ... Barely an hour after the start of the Nintendo Press Conference-North America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, the Wii U - at least part of it. For instead of the console flickers across the screen in the Nokia Theatre, only the controller of the new console.

Why? Because this controller, according to Fils-Aime is the decisive factor in the Daddelkiste. This is similar to a Tablet PC in Wii-optics, has two slide pad, a digital cross, four shoulder and function keys, stereo speakers, a microphone, a camera, motion sensors and a 6.2 (15.7 cm) display.

This single-screen 16:9 is the central element in his concept of the U Wii. A video demonstrating some application: It is for example possible to stop a running game on TV and continue playing on the gamepad. The calculations will continue providing the console and provides the data wirelessly to the input device.

A further example shows the gamepad lying flat on a player's hand. On TV flickers a forest with trees over. The player wiped his hand over digital ninja star that represents the controller and fired on them as the trees in the TV. The gamepad in games can also be used as a magnifying glass.

These will depend on it and look back towards the TV screen - the corresponding area appears magnified on the screen. Nintendo shows more possibilities of the hardware: including video chat, mini-games that run on the controller, a painting software and multimedia applications.

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