Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MSI already has presented new notebooks at Computex 2011

MSI shows its new laptops that have been presented at the 2011 Computex trade show held in different series from MSI. Series G. MSI presents its special notebooks at Computex 2011. Using the latest technologies and its unique features, players will enjoy an optimal experience playing their favorite games.

The new models include the MSI GT780, MSI and MSI GT683 GE620-driven processor second-generation quad-core Intel Core i7 for best performance. The MSI GT780 and GT683 MSI not only give users the best performance, they also have superior sound and visual quality. In addition to having high-resolution displays Full HD, equipped with Dynaudio speakers and THX sound technology TruStudio PRO.

Moreover, the GT780 features the incomparable keyboard with keys SteelSeries perfectly positioned and adjustable backlighting. Ensuring that the gaming experience is top quality. Unique characteristics. The new G-series laptops from MSI are equipped with the best features to achieve the best possible performance.

The MSI GT780 and GT683 is equipped with MSI's exclusive Turbo Drive technology, which increases graphics performance with just one click. Both models are also equipped with USB 3.0 for faster file transfers. To ensure that players get the highest possible performance, the MSI MSI GT780 and GT683 comes with a configuration of four DDR3 slots, a dual hard drive architecture accelerated RAID 0, and both feature the latest NVidia graphics card that supports mobile DirectX 11 graphics.

F. Series The MSI FX620DX. This stylish model features the second generation Core processor from Intel and has an ideal balance between elegance, power and range combined with useful features. The MSI FX620DX is elegant and really attractive because it has a special protective layer. This layer protects your laptop from scuffs, scratches and stains.

This notebook comes equipped with a Chiclet keyboard and a practical multi-touch touchpad. High quality entertainment. The MSI FX620DX supports DirectX 11 graphics that allow the visualization of 3D environments in detail. To ensure that users get the best audio quality possible, add the sound technology MSI TruStudio Premium Sound and THX PRO.

If users want to get the best from MSI FX620DX, have no need to use the GPU Boost MSI nVidia technology equipped with Optimus to give the laptop a great increase in power. Thus users can enjoy the full of their favorite songs, their movies or games on the MSI FX620DX. Serie C. Among these we find the MSI CX640 second generation processor with Intel Core and MSI CX670 with the new AMD processing platform.

Protecting data. The CX640 MSI is one of the most secure portable thanks to its unique features. Create backup and retrieve data has never been easier with the Time Stamp function. With one click, this new application backs up and recovers data in a second. To ensure that data is even safer, the hard disk is positioned away from the sides of the laptop and packaged in an "air pocket", ensuring that the information is not lost if the laptop is falling.

X Series The portable X-series known for its ultra-thin and Ultra Lightweight will also be displayed at Computex 2011. MSI Notebooks MSI MSI X370 and X460. Both models are less than 2.5 inches wide and equipped with extended range batteries. The MSI X370 can stay on up to 8 hours and the MSI X460 is able to stay on until 10 hours thanks to technologies and Turbo Battery + CULV processor making it very handy for those who use the laptop from different places.

WindPad. MSI will also display their latest tablets WindPad among those who find the WindPad WindPad 110W and 100A. The WindPad 110W comes with the Microsoft operating system Windows 7. The WindPad 100A is based on the Android platform. With unique features and capabilities of its unique design FilmPrint Color technology, as well as make the WindPad be nice, protect it from scratches and wear.

Both models have extensive connectivity options. Supports SD Card, USB and mini HDMI to transfer files easily and to allow connection to a larger screen without problems. The gravity sensor and G-Sensor ALS light sensor ensures that users can view your files anywhere. In addition, to enable the WindPads sound is natural and realistic, technology features SRS surround sound PC Sound.

Moreover, to facilitate navigation on the WindPad while holding with two hands, SmartTrack enables navigation on small movements of your finger on the button.

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