Thursday, June 30, 2011

Optimus Mini Six: the pad with 6 LCD buttons

Art Lebedev announced that the Optimus Mini Six, a box containing six LCD buttons, entered into production. It should be released at the end of the year. He also indicated that the Optimus Popularis, a full keyboard with LCD keys, is now scheduled for 2012. Optimus range is quite a story. The Optimus Maximus, long considered one of the biggest vaporware with Duke Nukem Forever. It's also one of the most expensive keyboard in the world.

Art Lebedev, the firm behind the project, however, continues to design similar solutions for less. Immediately after the release of Maximus, he sold the Optimus Mini Three, a pad comprising three OLED keys. The Mini Six follows the same line. The six keys include an LCD display with a resolution of 64 x 64 and the whole sports a design closer to the Popularis.

There is currently no information on the availability date or the price of Mini Six. The products of the company founded by Artemy Lebedev are not for the general public, but niche professionals. This is not to sell more than Logitech keyboards, but a mode of launching. It remains to be seen whether known manufacturers will follow suit.

We know that Microsoft thinks. He presented a prototype LCD with similar key. The problem with this kind of touch typing is that their screen is uncomfortable and needs to be a rock-solid reliability. An LCD does not work is very damaging and replacing it is not easy.

Art Lebedev had also delivered key replacement with its maximum to overcome this problem.

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