Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffalo Mini Station Plus: Portable Hard Drive with USB 3.0

The Mini Dock Plus gives it as 500 - and 1,000-gigabyte version ("HD PNT500U3" and "HD-PNT1.0U3B") - lots of storage on the go. The silicone-mounted 2.5-inch hard disk compact measures 82x118x19 mm and weighs 230 grams thanks to its USB 3.0 interface transfers data at up to them five gigabit per second - compatible USB interface required.

The backward compatibility to 2.0 (maximum of 480 megabits per second) is given. There is no need for a separate, mini Dock Plus draws its energy from the data cable. Other plus points are the integrated hardware encryption (256-bit AES) and the shock-proof housing. Buffalo lodged with the external one software package: The data consists of the "Secure Lock" and the backup software "Buffalo Backup Utility".

With "TurboPC", "turbo copy" and "ramdisk" They speed up data transfer performance, the manufacturer promises.

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