Thursday, May 19, 2011

Text, tables, edit & Co. without the internet: Google Docs: Offline option is

According to Google manager the firm plans to roll out the offline version yet this summer - in parallel with the publication of the first "Chrome Book" netbooks based on the cloud operating system "Chrome OS. In these devices, the operating system is basically just a special browser that allows you to access all programs through the Internet and you save your files to an Internet hard drive.

Problem: Not everything is an active Internet connection. Who wants to work around in the subway or the plane is (currently) still need to run programs that are offline. Therefore, Google will provide its Docs and Apps applications with local processing and storage capability. That was some time ago with the tool "Google Gears", but not proven.

In the future, the developers put more emphasis on HTML5 and special caching technology in the browser.

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