Thursday, May 19, 2011

The tax on private copying questioning

Yesterday the reporter to the State Council issued a negative opinion on the fee scales for private copying levied on multimedia hard disks or CDs and DVDs since January 1, 2009. This opinion is only advisory, but if the Council of State following ... hmm ... counsel of his own reporter, the tax could be set aside on all products raised.

Pending determination of new scales, of course. According to our confreres of 01Net, the State Council has one month to make its decision. If it had annulled the decision No 11 of the Committee on private copying, it would have 9 months to publish new schedules. They should tax exempt products purchased by businesses and professionals not intended for private copying.

The shortfall could logically be reflected in products for consumer, although the current tax rates are already considered high. Note that this decision should not apply no shelves, so taxable for private copying, but according to other schemes, established by Decision No. 13 of the Committee in early 2011.

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