Friday, March 18, 2011

The two components of the iPad estimated at 235 €

While it is only available for a few days, the iPad 2 has already had the "chance" to pass into the hands of analysts from research firm iSuppli. The latter are addressed on the second tablet from Apple to study its entrails. Thus, the firm was able to establish an estimate of the integrated components: the iPad 2 GSM / HSPA will embark on 326.60 worth of electronic components, the equivalent of about 234.50 euro.

The screen would represent $ 127, the 32 GB of flash memory would be estimated at $ 35, $ 25 battery, radio modules account for 18.70 dollars, the processor 14 dollars or both cameras $ 4.30. Add to all these components the estimated price of the assembly (10 dollars) and you get a total of 336.60 dollars.

Of course, it remains far from the selling price of 729 dollars model husked by iSuppli, but do not forget to add the costs of research and development, distribution and promotion, and of course the margin of Apple ...

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