Friday, March 18, 2011

Intel moves closer to Silicon Hive SoC and its

Intel has teamed up with Silicon Hive, a subsidiary of Philips specialized in manufacturing SoCs. With 65 employees, the smelter would use his talents to enhance its offerings and better compete against Atom with ARM chips. Silicon Hive is known for its multimedia chip for smartphones and it is easy to imagine that Intel will use its know-how as he tries desperately to compete in this market that has eluded them.

The statement there is also going to be blunt and speaks to integrate parallel processing technology (read graphics engine and multimedia) Silicon Hive SoC in Atom. Santa Clara strategy is relatively simple. After the acquisition of Infineon's mobile division, he partnered with a company he knows well since he had already invested heavily in Silicon Hive.

It therefore wishes to draw in companies that are already in the smartphone market to release a chip success. Remains to be seen whether this tactic will succeed him. The terms of this new agreement remain unknown.

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