Friday, March 18, 2011

BoomBlaster JVC with iPod docks

Four amplifiers with a total of 40 masks in the portable sound system. The placement of the woofer at the ends of the tubular device according to the manufacturer provide for a consistent tone. The design also prevents the sound waves pile up inside the case. This minimizes distortion. Two bass reflex ducts on the front enhance the depth performance of the system.

The large front speakers output the mid and high frequencies. The boom of the blasters is compatible with the current version of the Apple iPhone smartphone 4th To go: behind a transparent door remain well protected player or mobile phone. The inserted device can be operated via a separate button for the sound system.

This function can also be found on the included remote control boom blasters. Via a USB port on the front of other players and memory sticks for playback of MP3 and WMA files can be connected. Music is a remake another highlight: An additional input, microphones and guitars can be connected.

An FM radio and CD player are standard equipment. In addition to standard audio CDs, supports the playback of MP3 CDs. The RV-NB70 comes in a black and a silver finish.

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