Friday, March 18, 2011

Alvia Gigabyte K8100 keyboard gets the prize for the red dot design "

Gigabyte is proud to announce that its gamingAlvia K8100 keyboard has won the first award "red dot" design that is given to the Taiwanese brand. The keyboard has been awarded the red dot design award thanks to its unique design, based on the concept of racing cars. The K8100 has won the award, running over more than 4,000 participants from over 40 countries worldwide.

K8100 Alvia design was inspired by sports cars-the-range, whose appearance and performance are well above the rest. Performance, durability and quality of features for gaming the K8100 Alvia have been designed to have similar characteristics to those of these super high-end cars. The K8100 Alvia solve the challenge of designing a keyboard to simulate the dashboard of a sports car where all elements are at hand and the view, while keeping the keyboard in a size and ideal ergonomics for gaming.

For example, the large palm rest with the logo of Alvia simulates the rear of the car and the two USB ports on the sides are similar to the exhaust pipes.

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