Friday, March 18, 2011

Test: racing game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Moto GP 10/11

The background noise is reminiscent of a swarm of hornets on Ecstasy. But there are only wild guys on adrenaline, the fight its audacious machines in slope at full throttle through tight bends. In such situations, even had the multi-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher to painfully that rubber on asphalt is a thing limited company.

With no broken bones and bruises, but full of fascination with the motorcycle racing world is raging in the video game "Moto GP 10/11". The current stage of a virtually unrivaled biker series asks again to hunt for best times and lap records. On faithful reproductions of real tracks and against competitors in the scene have a big name - such as Valentino Rossi.

Also, the game size is right: a full driver's career, this entertaining arcade racing and an exciting online mode for up to 20 amateur racing aces in the contest. Even a co-op version with "flying" replacement for the current race is part of the program. Graphically, however, is not advancing at a breathtaking pace, but only in small steps.

After all, who have mean machines like this after an accident last realistic damage. Otherwise, little has changed. Thus, the environment looks away from the track is still lifeless. Even the interim movies before each race are so bleak that they like to skip. On the track the motorcycle racing simulation is fast, great - and still unrivaled.

Right there lies the problem: In the segment of the more successful auto racing games so there is much competition that the producers must constantly come up with something new to ride forward. "Moto GP" occurs, however a little on the spot. A feast for avid cyclists, but also a candidate for comprehensive care model.

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