Monday, August 1, 2011

Diablo 3: auction house instead of Ebay

The rumors were circulating on the Internet for some time, now it is officially: "Diablo 3" has an item shop: In the so-called auction house players act with objects and the internal monetary gold. Who wants real money and sends it to the virtual goods table. Blizzard does not interfere with their own offerings in the trade, but earned through fees incurred in the transactions.

So that the manufacturer responds to informal traders who operated in the previous one profitable shadow economy. Who in "Diablo 2" captured weapons or items sold on Ebay was around, so not only earn good money, but also risked trouble with Blizzard. Thousands of players accounts locked or deleted, the company in recent years because of such violations of the Terms of Service.

Because you do not abgraben the enterprising e-tailers but the water could Blizzard intended for "Diablo 3" now, the auction house. It works like this: You open the platform in the current game and select an item from your inventory or character from the cross-bearing. Now you decide whether you want to cash in game gold for real money or for the object.

Choose the latter, requires Blizzard fees - once for the set and once at the end of the auction. There's a certain contingent of players and auctions per month, which result in no listing fees, only the actual selling expenses you incur. After the end of the auction either the object moves into the camp of the buyer, or he ends up back in your treasury if nobody hits.

The listing fee is also payable if you sell the item. So that the developers want to prevent the mass of inferior stuff ends up in the auction house. Earn real money with an object that travels on your first battle. net account. Over a third party you wish to transfer the money into your account then.

Blizzard calls still no partners for this service, PayPal would be a possible provider. In this process again charges come to you. The new system should look particularly Chinese, because here and also a new business opens legalized by the manufacturer. But casual players will benefit as well: not used weapons of money (or gold) to bring - and who does not have enough time to earn a great blade itself, buys just one.

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