Monday, August 1, 2011

Google buys patents from IBM processors

Google admitted last Friday that bought 1 030 IBM patents to protect themselves against the complaints of some of its competitors. The acquired technologies are very diverse. They focus on the manufacturing and architecture of memory and processors, production of servers and routers, optimizing search engines, relational databases and object-oriented programming.

The amount of the acquisition is unknown. A Google spokesman tried to downplay the situation by explaining that "as a significant number of high-tech companies, at times we acquire the patents that are relevant to our business" , according to comments reported by The Wall Street Journal.

However, the magnitude of this acquisition is not usual and that it comes just after his defeat at auction Nortel patents appear to be an answer to the new war between the companies. For the record, Rockstar Bidco consortium which includes Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Sony, RIM and Microsoft acquired the technology for 4.5 billion Canadian dollars.

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