Monday, August 1, 2011

Arctic Cooling introduces Accelero L2 Plus

Arctic Cooling now has a new cooler for graphics cards called Accelero L2 Plus, with dimensions of 119 x 94 x 51 mm and weighs 250 grams. The Accelero L2 Plus is a simple but effective graphics card mononuclear sink made of aluminum. It uses a 92mm OWN controlled with a swivel range between 900rpm and 2000RPM with an airflow of 27 CFM and a noise of 0.4 dBA.

A push of cooler air to stop cooling the GPU so does the areas where the VRM and memory. This sink is designed for graphics cards that have a lower TDP to 120W. With the sink are all components to be mounted quickly as screws and sinks for the memory and VRM. As news sinks do not have the usual thermal tape already applied for this Arctic Cooling Arctic G1 provides the adhesive and thermal paste MX-4 for the sink.

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