Monday, August 1, 2011

Adobe Edge: HTML5 support without killing Flash

Adobe has just released the first beta version of Edge, a new tool for creating web animations based entirely on standards, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 in mind. The death of Flash? Not yet. According to Adobe, Flash is much more powerful and provides the ability to create real applications such as games.

"But some things that were originally made in Flash, we now see them made in HTML5 and JavaScript" analyzes Paul Gubbay vice president engineering, design and Adobe. Edge Flash and will therefore be complementary for many years to come. Edge is able to import an HTML document to add an animated content without disturbing the existing layout.

This may lead to a gradual migration. The existence of Adobe Edge allows especially not to let web developers from using competing development tools. The provision of public Edge form "pre-beta" also indicates that Adobe wants to act quickly to avoid being left behind. Meanwhile, Edge allows Adobe to address the problem iOS, Steve Jobs and his cronies to ban persistent Flash iPhone and iPad.

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