Friday, July 22, 2011

EVGA shows a prototype motherboard LGA2011

EVGA has shown some images of a single-socket LGA2011 board waiting for the "monstrous" dual-socket model promised some time ago. Card, which will position itself under the wing of the SR-2 systems, we do not know much but we can get pictures from carving out some interesting information. Around the socket LGA2011 were placed two pairs of memory slots and the power circuitry has been designed with driver-MOSFET and high-capacity capacitors.

At the rear is more intuited the presence of a 24-pin ATX connector bent at an angle close to where the keys are available for power, reset and clear CMOS. You see, finally, some points of tension measurement. The cooling system will likely be based on a passive heatpipe design.

More information is available on the manufacturer's forum.

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