Friday, July 22, 2011

PSU Corsair TX Series semi-modular version

Corsair has announced the TX line of power "M". These are TX range of the modified V2 with a semi-modular design to allow the user to use only the cables PCIe, SATA and Molex are really needed. Four models available with power ratings from 550 to 850 watts and single-rail circuitry, all equipped with 80 PLUS Bronze (minimum efficiency of 85%) and cooled by a single 140mm quiet fan.

The 550W and 650W version have 2 PCIe 6 +2 pin connectors, 6 Molex and 6 SATA, while the 750W and 850W models have 4-pin connectors PCIe 6 +2, 8 Molex and SATA 8. Prices are in U.S. dollars, amounted to $ 109 for Corsair TX550M, $ 129 for TX650M, for $ 149 and $ 169 for TX750M TX850M.

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