Friday, July 22, 2011

Gigabyte: a 1.8-inch external hard drive 160 GB

The 1.8-inch hard drives are not dead! If they are only rarely used in music players and the majority of ultraportables pass SSD, 1.8-inch models are always of interest to external hard drives: they are compact and offer a correct capacity now. Gigabyte with its A2 Tiny, has understood: it has a compact hard drive - 80 grams, 78 x 59 x 13 mm - which offers greater capacity than USB, 160 GB We are here far from a , 5 To the best 2.5-inch, but the size is not the same.

The interface used is the standard USB 2.0 (yes, it still exists), but it's not a problem with a 1.8 inch hard drive: the flow rates are often high and the majority of the hard drives of this type does not exceed not 4200 rpm, some limited even 3600 rpm.

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