Friday, July 22, 2011

3D Star Fox 64 Nintendo calls the release date

Nintendo makes it official: On 9 September 2011 will show "Star Fox 64 3D". Thus, the company donated the traditional series finally have a new offshoot. On the 3DS is the remake of the N64 version "Lylat Wars" benefit most from the 3D effect. In story mode, the player assumes the role of the wily pilot Fox McCloud.

He tries to keep his home planet of Corneria and the entire Lylat solar system from the onslaught of villains Andross and his creatures. With the help of motion sensors in the 3DS navigated his ship through the player tendencies of the handheld. If you like, controls "Star Fox 64 3D" in the conventional manner with the Slidepad.

Nett: The internal built 3DS camera transmits the gamers in multiplayer mode, live images of the faces and reactions of your friends.

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