Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A big bug on Intel SSD 320

Intel has just recognized his forum that a significant number of users reported that a big bug in the firmware of its SSD 320 erases all data and only allows to use only 8 MB of memory, which earned him the name "bug 8 MB" or "8MB bug" on the forums in English. The problem occurs randomly after a reboot or power failure.

It seems, according to testimony on the forum's founder, in some cases the SSD begins to cause problems that require restart and cause the deletion of data and loss of capacity. The problem occurs randomly after 24 hours of use or two months. The evidence also indicates that hard reset can resurrect the SSD for a short time, but the problem comes back almost immediately.

A reader also admitted that he had recovered the storage media after making a secure erase data from the software provided by Intel or HDDErase 3.3. It is not however guarantee that the problem should not duplicate the surface after a random period of time. To believe the information published on the Web, it seems that the problem come from a bad procedure paused.

It would be a bug in the firmware which should not, in principle, seek the return of SSD. However, if Intel recognizes the problem to spell and invites consumers to contact their customer service, it offers no solution for now.

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