Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The minimum configuration of Windows 8 is identical to that of Windows 7

Tami Reller, vice president of the Windows division said, according to ZDnet about taken over by that "in two previews of Windows 8, we affirmed the continuing important trend that we (Microsoft, NLDR) started with Windows 7, keeping the same minimum configurations or reducing them over time. Windows 8 will run on a wide range of machines because it will have the same minimum system configurations or less powerful.

" He goes on to explain that "we have built intelligence into Windows 8 so that it can adapt to the user experience based on its configuration. So whether you update an existing PC or you buy a new one, Windows adjusts to operate your components up. " For the record, the minimum of Windows 7 is a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB, 16 GB hard disk space and a DirectX 9 graphics card with 128 MB of memory and a DVD player.

It is still possible to run the operating system on a Pentium II (see "Windows 7 on a Pentium II 266 '). For the record, Windows 8 is the next Microsoft operating system expected in 2012. It is more about him. The publisher has to satisfy consumers over a wide range of gamers going (see "Windows 8 might play Xbox 360 games") to the new tablets (see "The Windows interface unveiled 8").

A low minimum is important because it will have the operating system runs on a wide range of products.

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