Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Windows Vista SP1 is dead

Microsoft officially ended yesterday in support of Windows Vista SP1. The very few individuals to voluntarily use this version are advised to upgrade to Vista SP2 or Windows 7. Microsoft will stop issuing updates for the operating system. We remember that Windows Vista was a very disappointing output for Redmond who was forced to extend support for Windows XP several times to satisfy the discontented.

Support for XP SP3 will expire April 8, 2014 (see "The end of Windows XP SP2 or 2000"). XP will have a lifespan of 13 years, which is relatively long because the operating systems of Microsoft rarely exceed ten years (see "Windows XP is finally going to retire"). The support of Vista SP2 will end for his April 11, 2017 (see "five years only for technical support of Vista").

Microsoft will release Windows 7's replacement next year. Windows 8 will be the firm's response to Android Tablet, iOS iPad, Chrome and Snow Leopard OS and Linux. It must adapt to new trends while meeting a wide variety of users.

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