Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Windows 8 might play Xbox 360 games

According to information collected by Insiders in May, eight would have a Windows emulator that can play Xbox 360 games. The news has just been taken over by other Teknylate citing sources close to the case and was taken over by Gamespot. Steve Ballmer promised an operating system for gamers. Technically, the Xbox 360 games use the DirectX API and the creation of an emulator is possible, especially if the publisher is Microsoft, which designed the console and the SDK.

The idea would also be interesting commercially. Xbox Live will be integrated into Windows 8 and the idea of being able to buy Xbox 360 games or encourage gamers to sign up on PC would be a financial windfall for the publisher. According to information from insiders, PC gamers will not confront the user with a console in multiplayer mode to avoid inequality of configurations and controllers.

Both sites claim that consumers will get rid of a subscription that will use the emulator. They also agree to think that this new service would be a good way to prolong the titles Xbox 360 console while the soon to be replaced (see "New Xbox in 2015?"). The games have always been the most profitable console of the ecosystem and continue to sell the PC would be very profitable.

It should obviously take this rumor with a lot of hindsight, but the fact that it begins to be corroborated by multiple sources is a good sign. 8 is the next Windows operating system from Microsoft. In 2012, it would inaugurate new services Xbox Live Marketplace and PC applications to buy more easily like the Mac App Store is a platform where games are often put forward.

Windows 8 will also be able to accommodate the controller Kinect, according to information confirmed by Steve Ballmer. The idea of Xbox 360 remains in the movement of approach that Microsoft seems to initiate between console and PC.

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