Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cooler Scythe Socket FM1, compatible with the AM3 +

Despite the different number of pins, sockets and FM1 AM3 + (recently introduced by AMD for APU-A series and FX-series CPUs future) offer backward compatibility with current sinks through the hole for mounting the same basket. Japan's Scythe has provided a list of their heat sinks are fitted with the universal mounting system and therefore also compatible with AMD's new socket AM3 + and FM1.
Here are the models affected: Susanoo, Mugen 3, 2 Mine, Yasya, Rasetsu, Ninja 3, Grand Kama Cross, Rev. B 2 Mugen, Samurai ZZ, BIG Shuriken, Shuriken Rev. B, Kozuti, Katana and Katana 3 Type 3 A.

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