Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Samsung wants to burn ARM chips in 20 nm

Samsung in partnership with ARM, has announced its success in burning a SoC (chip all-in-one) in 20 nm, a first. Cortex is an M0, an entry level chip, which was engraved, and Samsung says that the passage in 20 nm requires new approaches, but this unique technology is interesting for the future, especially for chips designed to consume very much like the ARM SoC.

Currently, the majority of ARM SoC working 65 nm or 4x nm (40 nm or 45 depending on depth) and chips in 32 nm and 28 nm are expected at the end of year, with mass availability during the year 2012. In all cases (32, 28 and 20 nm) transistors are high technology-K metal-gate that are used on 22 nm "3D" is reserved for Intel x86 chip company, Intel offers rarely to other manufacturers to use its facilities.

To give an idea, the technologies used to 4x nm to about 1.5 GHz on the ARM chip (depending on the design and the core) while the 28 nm is expected to reach 2.5 GHz. So hopefully exceed 3 GHz quite easily once the 20 nm will be used in practice.

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