Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple is going to make its processors also

According to Merrill Lynch Dan Heyler Taipei, which is cited by DigiTimes, and sources of Ars Technica, Apple should ask TSMC to build its processor A6, because he suspects Samsung, the founder of its current chips, is stealing its secrets. This news comes the same time that Apple has filed a complaint before a court in South Korea, accusing Samsung of having copied the iPhone and iPad.

From the A3, the first ARM chip designed by the firm at the apple, Apple processors are manufactured by Samsung. However, since the beginning of the year, rumors suggest that a rapprochement between TSMC and Cupertino is increasingly imminent. The Taiwanese did not manufacture the A5, as some have suggested, but it is possible that the collaboration starts with the next generation of chip that is etched into 28 nm.

As a reminder, the A5 uses the 45 nm. It is true that the conflict between Samsung and Apple. They are linked in a complex legal battle that spans several countries, including Germany and the United States. Samsung accuses Apple of violating its patents and it accuses him of copying their products again.

Apple is a very large client that provides Samsung screens, especially the NAND in addition to the processors. It is common for both companies are very good trading partners and major legal enemies. It is also likely that Apple continues to depend to stock up on Samsung NAND, no matter what.

In this case, an alliance with TSMC could be primarily a legal strategy and marketing. It's a view shared by our colleagues from Ars Technica. By abandoning Samsung, Apple shows that it takes this matter of plagiarism seriously and intends to address them before the court gives its verdict.

It would also benefit from the new fine engraving of TSMC. In December 2010, was the founder of 28 nm yields interesting and should begin shipping the first chips this year (see "The 28 nm TSMC is ready to 90%"). He can only hope that the manufacturing problems that have tarnished the 40 nm do not occur.

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