Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dead Space 2: New PC patch brings DirectX 11 support

Similar storms like graphics cheers for publication of the first "Crysis" title so far not solved the continuation of. The main reason for this are the versions for PS3 and Xbox 360, which forced the developers to make compromises in the optics, a document is the lack of support from 11 But Crytek screwed after the start of the title on to "Crysis 2" and published on 27 June 2011 to 1.9.

After this one includes the missing DirectX 11 support. Thus, to the graphics of the game according to significantly improve computer performance: motion blur, visibility, shadows or water presentations then act detail. Crytek released for the 'Crysis 2 ". This update brings the long-awaited support for DirectX 11 and drilled on the appearance of the title again.

To play the game "Crysis 2" on the Ultra settings, you need one more addition to the revamped with the graphics.

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