Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Windows 8 RTM it would come out in April 2012?

Microsoft could publish all versions of Windows 8 RTM in April 2012 according to ZDnet, citing a "trusted source". The publisher has the intention to publish a beta in mid-September, a release candidate around January 2012 and the final four months later. If this rumor up out of the RTM earlier than expected, it is not impossible.

It also means that Windows 8 will be ready for the new school year, a boom that is synonymous with renewal machine. We recall that Microsoft had released Windows 7 RTM in July 2009 and that he had sold the boxed version in October 2009. An RTM in April for an August or September marketing remains in the tradition.

We also know, thanks to leaks, the latest milestone of Windows 8 is completed. Beta is the next step. Rumors suggest that Redmond will not publish a single beta instead of the usual three. In short, think that the RTM would be venturing out in April, but is not as extravagant as that.

Everything will depend on the pace that Microsoft can maintain. He has every reason to leave Windows 8 as soon as possible. The version for ARM processor is highly anticipated because it would finally allow the publisher to participate in the war for shelf platforms. It has already unveiled its next interface operating system for Slate and the result was impressive, the idea of having the operating system for desktop and Tablet in the same build a lead more than one puzzled.

In short, Windows 8 is highly anticipated and an outlet for the third or fourth quarter of 2012 now seems a certainty.

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