Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toshiba Satellite R850-127: 15.6-inch notebook for high demands

The Toshiba R850-127 puts an Intel Dual Core (i5-2410M). Each of the two cores at 2.3 gigahertz expected, thanks to "turbo boost" up to 2.9 gigahertz. The graphic calculation assumes the AMD Radeon HD6450M. The area is classified in the lower middle class. The gaming capabilities are limited. Elaborate games you play only in low resolution and with little detail.

With four gigabytes of memory (DDR3) is the system has enough memory available. As a special highlight Toshiba Satellite R850-127 is built in as standard a 128 Solid State Drive (SSD) one. SSDs store data in flash memory. The Solid State Drives (loosely translated as solid state drives) are significantly faster than conventional hard drives, put them in because no moving parts, they are tough.

They also work quietly consume less electricity and develop little heat. R850-127, the Satellite has a 15.6 (39.6 centimeters) wide antiglare display with a 1366x768 pixel from - to Full-HD can enjoy movies in full resolution, you must connect an external monitor. Video Chat with built-in microphone and Webcam to start immediately.

Besides, and Multi-Card Reader USB 3.0 and HDMI onboard. The touchpad features multi-touch support. Sound type on the built-in stereo speakers. With 37.9 x25, 2x2, 0 (front) and 2.5 (rear) centimeters (width x depth x height), the Toshiba R850-127 fits into most pockets. With 2.49 kg weight, it is not exactly a lightweight - for the size but still in the frame.

The lithium-ion battery is good according to the manufacturer for up to seven hours. The new R-Series Toshiba advertises among other things, a very robust package. Serve with the built-in SSD - but this also has its drawbacks: there are only 128 gigabytes of disk space. If you need more, you must connect an external - that is impractical.

Furthermore, the question arises after the application for the graphics card: it consumes more power and produces more heat than the integrated graphics solution from Intel and is only marginally faster. Otherwise, the Satellite R850-127 offers a solid equipment that leaves little to be desired.

The practicality must ask, however, only one comprehensive test to the test.

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