Thursday, August 4, 2011

PlayStation Vita delayed until next year

Kazuo Hirai, one of the vice-presidents of Sony, announced that the PlayStation Vita would be sold at the end of the year in Japan and early next year in the world. His comments were reported by Bloomberg and Associated Press. He confirmed that Sony was forced to postpone the release of its console in Europe and North America, probably due to a software catalog too thin.

This is what he is allowed to think. If it has not explicitly given a reason, he confirmed that Sony wanted to have more games with the release of its next handheld console. It has been clear against categorically denying rumors that focused on a possible drop in prices of the console.

Delays could also be explained by the difficulties of producing non-standard SoC will integrate the console (see "PlayStation Vita: a Samsung SoC"). It is nonetheless a speculation on our part, Sony has not talked about production problems. The PSVita, formerly known as the NPM, have a 5-inch OLED touch screen with a resolution of 960 x 544.

The embedded processor ARM Cortex A9 processor quad core and a PowerVR GPU SGX543MP4. Its contents will be stored on a flash memory. There will also be a slot for memory cards and one for game cartridges to be sold on NVG Card, a media owner derived from SD cards. The back of the console is covered with a touchpad.

The console will finally have a VGA video sensor on the front and rear.

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