Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sony's handheld: Vita PS: Sony initially waived on 3D

The 3D illusion is all the rage. Not only applauds the Hollywood 3D blockbuster on its seal, in order to attract more visitors to the cinema - even the gaming industry is looking to three-dimensional Zockerei. Remarkable, then, that Sony's upcoming handheld for all non-equipping with 3D look. After the Japanese give for reasons of quality to an appropriate screen.

Reason: The movement control over pitch and roll of the console interfere with the glasses-free 3D display. Stay for a spectacular depth effect, the distance between the eye and console constant, which is almost impossible for a handheld. More motion control and graphics performance that is held the third dimension? Apparently, the Japanese already: the flexible control of the PS Vita Group are initially more important than 3D graphics - and for good reason: Given the Sony is probably on the right horse.

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