Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sony Cyber-VG20E - hand-held camera moves into second generation

The "Exmor CMOS APS-C HD" image sensor picks up the VG20E videos and photos with one of 16.1. Unlike the previous model, you draw with the Successor of movies with 50 frames per second (1080/50p) on. Alternatively, you also filmed with 25 frames. In this mode, there are other filters available, which the recordings are intended to provide a cinema-like appearance.

In contrast to the VG10E to draw not only the sound in Dolby Digital (2.0), but also in the process of immersive 5.1. Also offers the new model, available in a variety of manual level control settings and customization options. Thanks to headphone jack, check the sound during recording.

To optimize the recording, you can connect an external microphone. As part of the transformation of the VG20E Sony donated more new features like face detection, color space extension xv Color and one HD output via component cables. Advanced recording options promise three new lenses: a bright Carl Zeiss lens with a 24 mm (F1.8), a telephoto zoom lens with a focal length of 55-210 mm (F4.5 to 6.3) and a lens for portraits (50 mm, F1.8).
A total of seven lenses for the Sony Cyber-VG20E are available. In addition, Sony advertises the VG20E with a review of ergonomics. Sun promises among other things, the newly designed handle better with the camera. Essential settings such as exposure and make a control wheel, without the LCD monitor - the need to unfold - in contrast to the previous model.

Also, the three (7.5 centimeter) display has been revised: settings are made directly on the touch screen. Knew already fallen to its predecessor, so with the new model, Sony has once again clearly refills and has - accepted most of the criticisms of the tests - at least on paper. How good is the revised and new functions in practice to beat, may show only a test.

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