Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigns

He could no longer meet its responsibilities. The reigning top executives Tim Cook takes the helm, as Apple announced. "I've always said that if ever the day should come that I can no longer fulfill my duties and expectations as head of Apple, I was the first who tells it. Unfortunately, this day has come, "said Jobs, the company published the same time.

Jobs gave no further reasons for the withdrawal. The resignation was not seen as indicating a sudden deterioration of Jobs' health, said a confidant of the financial news agency Bloomberg. Jobs did before announcing his retirement spent the day at the Apple headquarters and attended a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

In recent weeks, but he was tied to his house and felt weak. Jobs struggling with for years. In 2004, he had to be treated for cancer and in 2009 he received a new liver. In January he had reduced his workload again to preserve his health, and submitted the daily operations of Cook. It is unclear what ails him.

In public appearances, he was recently very thin. Despite his health problems, it's charismatic pioneer computer contrived, one of the assembled competitors to beat time after time to cheat. He is regarded as the driving force behind the success of devices like this and that. Even those with which Apple had grown used to big-selling, most recently shiny.

The report sparked worries of course, from the fans and shareholders. After the announcement of the resignation, the stock fell by more than five percent of post-trade. Here, the investors had had much time to prepare for the withdrawal of jobs. His successor, Cook had represented the company's founder had been repeatedly.

It was therefore considered the leading candidate for the top job. Jobs said that Apple remains, however, he received even more. He was looking forward to contributing to the success of Apple in his new role as head of the Board, he wrote. Jobs is now the chief inspector of operations.

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