Thursday, August 25, 2011

Canon Ixus 1100 HS: Small camera, big zoom

The CMOS sensor of the PowerShot 1100 HS takes pictures with a 12.1 and a speed of 3.3 frames a second. The chip uses a modern design ("backlight-illumination", in German: rear exposure) in order to maximize the light output. In collaboration with the "DIGIC 4" processors to develop such sharp crisp images.

The camera features a twelve times the lens focal length is 28-336 mm. The optical image stabilization helps prevent blurry pictures. Canon equipped the PowerShot HS 1100 an eight-centimeter (3.2 inch), touch-sensitive screen. On the screen you can tips on setting the camera view or set by pointing a finger at the subject the focus.

Do you want to make the PowerShot entirely its own, you make the menus and shortcut keys to your liking. Connect the camera via an HDMI mini-connector to the TV, so you can view your images on the fly in all their glory on. On TV, you can also see self-recorded full-HD video (1920x1080 pixels).

The Ixus 1100 HS records movies at 24 frames per second, stereo audio in. Is ready for rapid deployment of a dedicated button for video recording. Use a lighter, turn the camera even with slow-motion video, either at 120 frames per second at 640x480 pixels or 240 images at 320x240 pixels.

The manufacturer promises that the camera takes the best picture settings independently. For this it relies on a set of 32 different shooting situations. The unit also recognizes faces and reacts to moving objects. For the video mode settings are available at least 21.

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