Friday, August 12, 2011

New LCD technology, Sony's White Magic for bright, low-power screens

White Magic displays will require 50 percent less power compared to a bright image than conventional RGB displays. Thanks to higher maximum brightness, they are just easier to read outdoors. The new Display Device is designed for digital cameras and smartphones. The innovation of RGBW is to add to red, green and blue pixels, white pixels.

It is not like the picture quality. The White Magic technology is a first in a three (7.62 centimeters) wide with an integrated LCD screen of 640x480. The display viewing angle is 160 degrees horizontally and vertically and has two modes: the mode outside the display brightness doubled compared to conventional LCDs, enabling better legibility outdoors.

The power-saving mode reduces power consumption of the backlight brightness to the present standard. The new development will be a response to the evolving demands of the digital camera and smartphone manufacturers, the larger displays with higher resolution and lower power consumption demand.

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