Friday, August 12, 2011

Motorola thinks charges against other companies selling Android devices

Sanjay Jha, PD G Motorola has just declared that his company was studying the possibility of imposing royalties to manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets. The firm could turn against other companies selling the Android devices. Until now, only people outside the project attacked the Google operating system.

The statements of Mr. Jha threw a cat among the pigeons. This is not the first time he says he wants to join the saga of the summer that includes Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, and others. All these companies file complaints against each other, asking for royalties or conspire to purchase patent portfolios with billions of dollars.

Nevertheless, it is the first time a manufacturer says that the Android devices' ability to collect royalties "is an answer to the question is how it will stand out from other manufacturers of smartphones and tablets Android. Motorola is in a difficult situation. Sales of Xoom, its shelf Honeycomb, are a disaster with only 440,000 units sold in the last three months, compared to 9.2 million iPad 2 during the same period.

Imposing royalties, Motorola may sell phones cheaper than other manufacturers and Android and hold its own in the game Motorola has an impressive patent portfolio that places it in a privileged position. However, it depends a lot of Android and hit competitors with royalties could cripple the operating system and ultimately turn against him.

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