Friday, August 12, 2011

46-inch TV with Direct light: Sony KDL-46HX925: 3D TV with HD Tuner Triple

46 (117 cm) diagonal screen size, full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) and 3D drawing support from Sony's KDL-46HX925. When backlit Sony focuses on direct-LED, so the entire surface distributed over the display LEDs. Shine so movies & Co. in best quality on the screen, the image processor is "Reality Pro-X" is used.

Flicker-free: The Sony TV supports 200-hertz technology (200 frames per second). The KDL-46HX925 receives TV signals via antenna (DVB-T), cable (DVB-C) and satellite (DVB-S2). In addition, there is a CI + slot that can be played back on the encrypted channels with the appropriate module.

In addition to Scart (five inputs), two USB ports and audio input jack is also a network: connectivity. The latter allows you to access the Internet, it works over wireless too. During a commercial break can be customized with microphone and camera (included) make video calls. Sony's own media library is also available.

The current program can be recorded as an external. The Track ID button on the remote control you will record unknown music and spits a short analysis of the artist, title & Co. from. Sony paints the black casing of the TV. The scope of supply includes a second base in the monolith design.

The dimensions without stand: 108.1 x66x3, 8 inches, weight (without stand) is 19.4 kilograms. Practical: thanks to the absence of sensor registers the KDL-46HX925, if you leave the room and shuts the screen off to save power. The sound still running, so you can listen in the next room, at least on.

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