Friday, August 12, 2011

Fujifilm Finepix F600EXR: Camera orientation for travel enthusiasts weak

The new features of the Fujifilm EXR-CMOS sensor, which ensures even under different light conditions for good image quality, so the manufacturer. The camera captures images at 16 megapixels and a speed of up to 11.2 frames per second. She also has a mechanical image stabilization. The lens has a 15-fold and a focal length range of 24 to 360 mm for wide angle shots as well as images in the super-telephoto range.

Additionally, the camera include seamless 360-degree pan panorama. The Finepix F600EXR captures video in Full HD (1080p) and stereo sound. You can choose between different speeds and substance may have also recorded with 320x112, 320x240 or 640x480 pixels. The HD video in the H.264 format (MOV) format, which reduces the amount of data and easier to handle than the AVI format.

MOV files are compatible with many websites and applications. The camera is equipped with a built-in GPS function: It detects the location and displays it either as a longitude and latitude, or with the respective local names and stores this information in the image. It also helps F600EXR their users to gradually resume to a place where a picture was taken.

But they will display both the distance and direction from the current location to destination. Also for tracking of the route is possible: The Finepix stores (also available in the off mode) every 10 minutes, the spatial data. On the PC, you can then visualize the route with on a map. Added was the GPS feature in the F600EXR the "Landmark Navigator" feature (German: Landmark leader) who has nothing to next to nothing with photography, but sightseeing might be useful: The camera helps you to find famous landmarks .

The display on the device sets the currently targeted subject additional information such as current position and the type of attraction. If you tilt the camera towards the floor, the display changed to display in a radar view, and facilitates accurate determination of position.

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