Friday, July 1, 2011

Lumix DMC-GF3: Minimum System Panasonic camera with flash

The basis of the GF3 is a 12-megapixel image sensor takes pictures dar. addition to the Lumix DMC-GF3 and full-HD video in a space-saving AVCHD format with 1920x1080 pixels. During the filming, the user can continuously provide sharp images. In addition, the new Lumix prepared for the third dimension: In conjunction with the Lumix-3D lens (approximately 200 €) takes the GF3 to three-dimensional pictures.

The images can be viewed on a 3D connected via flat-screen TVs. The camera has a built-in flash, a hot shoe for external flash units but Panasonic waived. On the back of a 7.5 inch large touch-screen LCD is sitting with 460,000 pixels, the use of the GF3. For the camera system, there are twelve Lumix G lenses with between 14 to 600 millimeters (mm format).

The DMC-GF3 is aimed at switching from compact cameras, which have little interest in additional accessories - lenses except, of course. Instead, the Handy is the focus, the ability to bring along the cameras. Fittingly, the edges of the GF3 GF2 be even compared to the rounded - a flatterer.

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