Friday, July 1, 2011

Limbo: manufacturer confirmed for PS3 and PC versions

Against the background of the "Summer of Arcade" in 2010 launched an exclusive Xbox 360 title that it was serious stuff: The minimalist "Limbo" ecstatic critics and audiences alike tasks with poetic black and white look and tricky. Now appears after the arcade game on the Playstation 3: Apparently, the Korean checked "Limbo" on behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment.

This is a clear indication that the title appears on Sony's console. The rating board rated computer and video games and sets age ratings for Korea. After the examination of the Korean age rating boards could hardly doubt, it has now been confirmed by the manufacturer: "Limbo" finds its way to the Playstation Network and will appear on PS3.

And that's not the only news - the downloadable titles is also on Steam for the PC. Both share the studio responsible Play Dead with its website. In order to push for the next few issues, such as of the date: circulating the Internet that it is already in July 2011 so far. In addition, interested fans of arcade-art for the price of the Game: For release on Xbox 360 cost "Limbo" 1,200 Microsoft points (about 14 €).

This price seems realistic for PS3 and PC gamer.

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