Friday, July 1, 2011

Football Manager 12: What's new for next season

Since 2001, gamers interact with the "Football Manager" in the footsteps of Hoeness, Felix Magath & Co. With the "Football Manager 12", the popular simulation is in the fall of 2011 in the eleventh round. According to the manufacturer Electronic Arts is this year, the offline mode of the game in developer focus.

In a survey of the number of fans had the opportunity to introduce their own proposals. Of them have managed a number of ideas such as the address before a match or a trial for young players into the game. A complete list of all the new features found on the. Under the hood is also doing a lot.

The focus is on the game display in 3D mode. With a new artificial intelligence, not only the actors act on the green much more clever and varied, and the opposing coach a lot to learn in terms of tactics.

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