Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet for business customers

The tablet works a Tegra-2 dual-core processor (ARM Cortex-A9) from Nvidia with a gigahertz and a DDR2 memory. The Thinkpad is available in different storage capacities: 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes. Wireless surfing works via wireless or UMTS. According to the device is particularly suitable for business users.

The manufacturer attaches importance to the Tablet Data Security: Security features include SD card encryption, disable lost devices and theft protection software. In terms of Internet use on the tablet has full Flash support. With the equipment, Lenovo has given special effort: it provides more than 40 (partially paid) apps installed.

Also present: The popular game Angry Birds, the e-book reader from Kindle, the office software "Documents to go" as well as an app from Lenovo for the bundling of different social networks. If something is missing, search the App Store or Lenovo for more applications.

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