Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holographic disk at the same speed of a Blu-ray

General Electric (GE) just burn a disc hologram at the same speed as a Blu-ray, between 4 Mb/s and 5 Mb/s. This is a step closer to commercialization of this technology remains still far from the general public. As highlighted GE on his blog, the democratization of holographic media depends on their capacity and speed of data processing.

We must still remember the price. For now, these solutions are for very large companies. They are very expensive and have speeds of about 20MB / s read. They are quickly overwhelmed by the hard drives and SSDs, which is why they are reserved for a niche market. The HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc) have so little conviction that InPhase, a pioneer of this technology  went bankrupt last year.

However, according to the release of GE, the company is considering solutions that are more public, hence the comparison with the Blu-ray. The information is still very unclear. We just know he's working on his micro-holographic technology, which allows you to place 500 GB on a disk the size of a DVD.

It is true that the new write speeds are significantly faster than on the old prototypes, but it is clear that it will take more to dethrone the Blu-ray. For now, the HVD remains the vaporware that has always been.

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