Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Kingston-class cards to maximize the cameras, smartphones and tablets

Now has come the summer, tourists make the most of the capacity of cameras and smartphones. Almost everyone wants to immortalize their holiday to remember the good times or "torturing" their relatives to return. It is one of the most conducive to making the most of our photos and videos, and for that, Kingston Digital Europe offers its latest models of high speed SD cards, available in different storage capacities suitable for all needs and budgets.

Recent advances in memory cards trigger the blasts favor to image and video recording in high definition, increasingly used features for smartphones and increasingly affordable SLR cameras or DV, until recently only available to professionals. Cards for all user profiles Kingston microSDHC cards are Class 10 leading choice for addicts who want smartphones run their applications at high speeds and have plenty of storage for your files.

The capabilities of these cards are 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB and are compatible with most smartphones, high-definition cameras and tablets on the market. It has a transfer rate of at least 10Mb SDHC can function as an optional adapter. There are also the Kingston SDXC for photographers and videographers who need a superior performance and size card.

They have an incredible transfer speeds reaching up to 104MB / s read and write and have 64GB of capacity. There is no excuse for amateurs and professionals who want to get the most out of your equipment. "The high-speed cards are the ideal choice to take full advantage of digital cameras and camcorders latest to be particularly suitable for continuous shooting or HD video," said Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager at Kingston Technology Iberia.

"In addition, the data dump from the card to PC (or vice versa) is much faster."

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